What We Have In Store

What We Have in Store – Hardware

We are proud at Lunenburg Hardware of the the extensive range of hardware and home supplies. Below are just a few of the items we carry; we look forward to seeing you so you can see our full range.

  • Hand and portable power tools as well as accessories
  • Door and lock hardware
  • General hardware such as hinges, barrel bolts, etc., including stainless
  • Fasteners including stainless
  • Flashlights, batteries, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers
  • Caulking and repair materials such as quick setting cements and epoxies
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Light bulbs and electrical components
  • Extensive plumbing parts, pipe and fittings
  • Rope and chain
  • Commercial fishing supplies as well as life rafts and personal flotation devices
  • Garden tools and supplies
  • Personal safety equipment such as protective clothing, respirators and safety glasses
  • Adhesives and tapes
  • Clothesline and other components
  • …and many other everyday items